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Community, Fun, Action and Recreation

Whether an adventurous excursion with the club or friends, a birthday party or a bachelor party-we have the right program for every climber and non-climber.

School trip to the adventure park

In the age of digitization, you no longer attract anyone with a visit to the swimming pool or zoo outside the door. The exciting group-dynamic tasks in the adventure park motivate even the most persistent couch potato to run through the woods with enthusiasm. The tasks can vary and cover a wide range. From the classic experiential educational setting, through creative design methods, to interactive tasks that strengthen the "we" feeling. Especially the latter provide a lot of action.

Birthday party - Fresh air complacent? 

Another year around ... and again the children's birthday is coming up, which actually should not be called that way anymore because it sounds so terribly uncool. You want to offer the children a completely new experience out in nature?


Our freely selectable content is exciting, challenging birthday adventures that will impress both your birthday child and all your friends and will be remembered for a long time to come.

Jungesellen-/innen Abschied
Bachelor farewell

Adventure - this is one of the most important elements of an epic bachelor party. Are you looking for something other than the typical Bachelor / Bachelorette Party?

We know it's not easy being the best best man, but we're here to help you become the hero of the wedding. Spend the day in the sun on the self-made raft down the river, racing through the trees on the team constructed zip line, crack the puzzles in the Outdoor Escape Room, fight against each other at the Tyrolean Olympics or the Bubble Soccer, test your courage at the base jump or spend the night in the woods around the campfire!

Club excursion


 You will find experiences of all kinds at our place. For sure also a suiting program for your club excursion! Be it nature experiences, where you can take a good breath together or, of course, action events that make you forget everyday life.


We are happy to surprise you with experience-oriented, extraordinary, sustainable events and programs.





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