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Freude im Hochseilgarten Achensee

Experience "Tarzan Feeling" in one of Austria's most impressive forest high ropes courses. Dare to step into increasingly breezier heights, balance from tree to tree and get to know your own personal limits. From the practice course for beginners with a height of about 3 meters to the "professional" course, which takes you to extreme altitudes of up to 15 meters, the full range of thrills is offered. Even little adventurers are welcome guests. Accompanied by an adult, our courses can be climbed even at the age of 4 to 5.

Forest high ropes courses
base jump
Base Jump Powerfan


Freedom, adrenaline and security for all adventurous people looking for the special kick. The Powerfan is a patented system that guarantees a free fall without feeling held! On the last meters, a braking system comes into action, allowing a perfectly safe landing without a jolt, shock or impact.

from 6 years*** min./max. weight: 20kg / 120kg

Outdoor Escape Game


Solve the mystery of our cursed alpine spirit "Kasermandl " in the Outdoor Escape Game, an adventurous and exciting game on Lake Achensee. Find hints, solve riddles and unlock locks! Play outdoors with your friends or team.

Experience an intelligently built outdoor exit game with up to 20 participants (2 game sets available).

Outdoor Escape Game
Bow and arrow



In addition to the discovery of fire and the development of language, the invention of the bow is one of the most important cultural achievements in history. The handling of bow and arrow is therefore genetically anchored in us.

In the adventure park Achensee, under the guidance of our instructors, you will learn the perfect handling of a "recurve" tournament bow on our bow shooting range: From the correct position of the arrow up to the optimal motion and target accuracy.

One Wheel
One Wheel


There are many ways to get from point A to point B, but it's not always just about getting there. Sometimes it's about enjoying the ride. The Onewheel is a self-balancing single-wheeled scooter! It is a feeling that has to be experienced first hand. Words do not describe it.

In motion it resembles a skateboard but rides more like a snowboard or surfboard. You start by putting your foot on the side that should rest on the ground.

Gemstone digging for children

In Adventure Park Achensee, treasure hunters can find gems to their heart's content dig or look for gold nuggets with professional equipment. Your self-found treasures you can process directly on site, to necklaces or bracelets process. The excavated treasures may of course be taken home.

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