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Fun, adventure and nature

High waterfalls, raging currents, boulders blocking the path. No getting through, you'd like to think. When canyoning at Lake Achensee, however, that is exactly the appeal. With climbing equipment you conquer deep canyons – and fall into the water again and again.

Canyoning beginners tour

Half-day tour, about 9-13 o 'clock, meeting point by appointment

Easy beginner canyoning tour at Lake Achensee.


Depending on the weather and water levels, we have 2 tours in the program.

Small jumps and slides, as well as short abseiling points, are characteristic of this tour.

Suitable for children aged 8 and over, but also for adults a great experience!


After about 30 minutes of access on a convenient forest path we reach the start of the tour. From there we get into the riverbed and the adventure can begin!


If you want to have your first experience with canyoning, then this is the right tour. An average condition, health and step safety suffice. Duration of the tour about 3-4 h (1.5-2h in the canyon)


What do you need?

• Sturdy shoes, sports shoes or hiking boots (get wet)

• Swimming trunks

• Towel


What do you get?

• Neoprene socks

• Wetsuit

• Helmet, strap

• Photos from the tour


Price: 66,-- 


Minimum participants: 4 people

 -10% for families


Canyoning advanced tour

Half-day tour, about 9-13 a.m., meeting place by appointment.


This canyoning tour on Lake Achensee is also suitable for beginners and families. A slightly further approach (40min), narrower gorge sections, and jumping up to 8 meters are characteristic of this tour.  Still feasible for adventurous beginners. Suitable for children aged 14 and over. We discover hidden areas of the gorge that can only be reached with canyoning equipment. You should bring an average condition, step security and fun in adventure.


Price: 82,--

Minimum participants: 4 people

 -10% for families


Day tour, about 9am-3 p.m., meeting place by appointment.

Canyoning tour on Lake Achensee for advanced or sporty beginners. Long, beautiful tour with jumps and slides. Abseiling points up to 30m in a partly tightly incised gorge. For sports-ambitious adventurers. A unique experience! Still feasible for sporty beginners!


• 1 h access, 3-4 h in the canyon

• Surefootedness, good swimmers

• Don't be afraid of narrow canyons

• Includes rental equipment (neoprene socks, suit, helmet, strap)

• Photo service


Price: 111,--


• Minimum participants: 3 people

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