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birthday package

Birthday in the adventure park: a very special experience!

Spend an unforgettable day with your friends in Adventure Park Achensee. Birthday children under 13 years of age have free admission (please bring a badge). Non-climbing kids and spectators are free!

Freely collapsible birthday experience package (such as Forest High Ropes Course + Basejump + Treasure Hunt + OneWheel)

package price € 30,00  


Selectable activities:

-  Treasure Hunt

-  archery

-  forest robes course

-  Gems for necklace           

-  Gems for the wrist   

-  Panning for gold at the waterfall    

-  OneWheel                            

-  BaseJump                             

-  Monkey Climbing       

2 hours care in the forest high ropes course  €  50,00                  

Monkey Climbing


Climb trees with playful ease like our "close relatives" in the jungle! Monkey Climbing is a new form of sport climbing, where climbing handles are attached to a tree with a ribbon, allowing climbing fun for young and old within a very short time. Safety is also a top priority when it comes to Monkey Climbing. Under the guidance of our instructors, our guests learn about safety and abseiling techniques as well as basic knowledge of ropes and knots in order to be prepared for future climbing activities.

goldwaschen am achensee
Die spannende Schatzsuche

We take the kids into a world of mystery and adventure on our rally through the adventure forest. In the end, the treasure is waiting! But will they really find him? In this exciting treasure hunt for children's birthday, the little ones themselves become heroes and experience without any smartphone, Playstation and computer game a real adventure.


The birthday program can be singular or e. booked in combination with the forest high ropes course.

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