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After payment and the signing of the terms and conditions of participation have been made at the ticket office, you will obtain safety equipment. This consists of a helmet, a cowtail and a complete belt.


At the next possible time, a safety trainer will give you instructions. Your guide explains how safety equipment is worn and how it works. After all participants are correctly dressed, the security briefing is held. Here, the safety rules are explained and presented again in practice in the specially built briefing course, e.g. how to fit the carabiners into the safety rope, how the high-altitude protection devices work on the ascents or how to behave at the flying foxes. In addition, the courses with their peculiarities and degrees of difficulty are presented.


Our guides supervise the courses from the ground and can give you valuable tips or encouragement. If, in spite of everything, you can’t continue, it is possible to abseil at any point in every course.

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