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Interaction training with corresponding focus


In order for a sense of community within the class to grow, it is important to build trust in classmates. In our experiential pedagogical programs, the students of a class are addressed as a group. The focus is on an appreciative and constructive cooperation as well as the handling of new and unusual situations.


Together, tasks must be solved and obstacles must be overcome. Communication and cooperation are required, which gives individuals room for maneuver for social experiences.


Our experiential or forest-pedagogical program offers members of a class community the opportunity to reach their limits and grow beyond them. This promotes a strengthened self-awareness and group consciousness.


We are happy to adapt the program to your needs.

Forest high ropes courses:

In school classes and children's groups, a guide/adult can accompany a maximum of 10 students. The operator is happy to take care of the students at an additional cost.

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