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All answers to your questions

If you have any questions about your adventure, we will be happy to answer them! We have summarized the most common questions and answers for you on the following pages. So you will also find a lot of information and useful tips.


How big does my child have to be-is there an age restriction?

In our forest high ropes courses, daring young children can also have fun with no restriction of size or age as soon as a guardian climbs along.


How many children can I accompany on the course as an adult?

For safety reasons, an adult is allowed to accompany a maximum of 2 children. However, you have the option to book our guides as a companion for additional children. A telephone reservation in advance is recommended in this case, as our staff may be clamped.


Do I pay admission when I accompany and watch my children?

Spectators are welcome at the Achensee Adventure Park and do not pay admission. Only those who climb in the high ropes course pay. With our nice seating, we also offer a wonderful opportunity to be very close to the climbers and watch them.


Are there any physical or other restrictions?

Basically, our courses are accessible to everyone. Our steel cables can withstand a weight of more than 1000kg. However, there are restrictions on climbing belts. From a hip circumference of more than 120cm and a thigh circumference of more than 90cm, the belts reach their limits. We ask for your understanding, but give our best to grant a beautiful climbing day for all our visitors.


Can I use my own climbing equipment?

It is not possible to use your own climbing equipment.


Does a group need to register in advance?

Groups larger than 8 people should register to visit the climbing forest by phone or email beforehand! On weekends it is advisable to come very early!


Does the adventure park offer a special offer for children's birthdays?

Children's birthdays are particularly very close to our hearts. A birthday in the high ropes courses is an unforgettable experience, which large and small guests will be raving about for a very long time. The birthday girl and boy climbes for free. In addition, we have special culinary offers for birthdays, such as baking pizza by the open fire or grilling bread on sticks and sausages. Just call and make an appointment.


Prices and discounts

We carefully created a fair pricing structure in order to make the experience of our high ropes courses affordable for everyone. We have created extra price incentives for families, schools or groups. We therefore ask for your understanding that we do not give any additional discounts on discounts that have already been granted!! This approach is fair and transparent for everyone. The following discounts apply to us: Achensee region guest card (€ 2,--discount on the respective prices).


What do I need to bring?

With comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear, you are well prepared for the climbing forest. Please keep in mind that depending on the season, your clothes can be soiled due to resin leakage on the trees! In the case of sensitive hands, it is recommended to wear thin, griff-resistant (cycling) gloves.


Is it safe to use the adventure park?

We lay the biggest value on your safety. The high ropes courses were tested and released by civil technicians and structural engineers. We provide you with safety equipment, instruct and provide assistance.


Is the adventure park open in bad weather?

Even in light rain, it is possible to use the high ropes garden without any problems. If you are not sure, just call us on + 43 (0) 699 19089 968 for a short time beforehand. We close the climbing park for your safety in case of storm, heavy rain and thunderstorms!!

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