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Look forward to an unforgettable adventure in the middle of the forest or on the lake! Together you start at a campfire or raft, you’re up to find cryptic clues, discover hidden connections, solve tricky puzzles and thus crack some locks.


The first and only outdoor escape room on Lake Achensee takes you and your team on a fabulous adventure in the middle of the forest! Tied up around the campfire, your team is supposed to free themselves from the clutches of the playful treacherous Tyrolean alpine spirit ' Kasermandl '.


Team spirit, skill and lots of Mc Gyver spirit are in demand. You only have one hour ...


Solve the alpine spirit  "Kasermandl " mystery of the Outdoor Escape Game in an adventurous and exciting game on Lake Achensee. Find your way to fun and freedom of movement! Play outdoors with your friends or team. Experience an intelligently built outdoor exit game with up to 20 participants.


 Duration 1.5 hours (pure play time 60 minutes)

 When all year round

  Number of people 4-10 participants (ideal 6-8 participants) per game, 2 game sets available



                             (For 7 people) per game  € 140,00

                            Each additional person:   € 10,00


  In darkness:

                            (for 7 people) per game   € 200,00

                            Each additional person:  € 10,00


   Were        Location Achensee Adventure Park or at your place (with an extra charge)

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