Welcome to the Adventurepark Achensee for young and old in Tyrol​​

In addition to a spectacular high ropes courses, the Achensee adventure park in Tyrol offers a colourful and extensive range of challenging but also "gentle" outdoor activities for all ages all year round.


The various offers make the hearts of adults and kids beat faster. Families with children, couples or individuals, school classes, clubs, company groups or management teams collect extraordinary impressions that can also be integrated into everyday life in private and professional life. After a short briefing on the behavioural guidelines by our instructors, our guests move independently in the area of the adventure park. In addition to the high rope course, the Achensee Adventure Park also offers attractions such as Outdoor Exit Game, Basejump, Archery, a OneWheel Parcours or panning for gold at the waterfall. Our guests can relax at the "energy station" or at the fire pit.


The team of the Achensee Adventure Park in Tyrol is looking forward to your coming.



Highlight 2020 - OneWheel Action
Outdoor Escape Game 2020

What is an Onewheel + XR? Put simply, it's an electric all-terrain skateboard that balances itself and can handle dirt, grass, sand, gravel and pavement! The board is able to cruise up to 30 km/h and up to 30 kilometers with a single charge. It's one thing to read about, but it's another thing to actually drive it. A feeling that is hard to describe, but when we  say "hoverboard ," we don't mean these cheap plastic toys from the Middle Kingdom that catch fire. No, we mean the actual hover board from Back to the Future * Marty Mcfly.

Ship Wrecked: Lashing waves, high seas. You float exposed on the raft, without water, without food! A GPS device without batteries, a locked winch, lots of driftwood, nautical equipment and a constantly trickling hourglass ...? You are a team. You have yourselves and exactly one hour. Together you have to get paddle, water and compass, raise your anchor and recover treasures under water. Can you survive and navigate back to the safe mainland? With our outdoor escape game 'Ship Wrecked' you can expect a truly extraordinary outdoor experience, an exciting and captivating team game and an absolutely unforgettable adventure!